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Before & After Locations

Before and after school child care for elementary students is offered through Treehouse at these locations throughout the district.
Century Park Learning Center: (616) 254-6805 or
Site Supervisor: Katie Avink
This location serves Century Park students before & after school.
Central Elementary: (616) 254-6018 or
Site Supervisor: Hayley DeBoer
This location serves Central Elementary, Cummings Elementary and West Elementary students before & after school.
Grand View Elementary: (616) 254-6036 or
Site Supervisor: Amina Karaduz 
This location serves Grand View Elementary students before & after school.

South Elementary: (616) 254-6807 or
Site Supervisor: Maggie Headd
This location serves South Elementary before & after school and East Elementary students after school.
East Elementary: (616) 254-6273 or
Site Supervisor: Terri Gleason-Stephens
This location serves East Elementary students before school only. Transportation is provided to South Elementary for after school care. 
Grandville Public Schools will transport from all of its elementary school locations.


Sessions: Monday – Friday (minimum of two consistent days per week is required)
  • 6:30-8:20 a.m. Before school AND/OR
  • 3:41-6 p.m. After school