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Front Desk Phone: (616) 254-6380 
Pathways Main Line: (616) 254-6865
Address: 3481 Fairlanes Ave. SW, Grandville, MI 49418
Welcome to Pathways High School

Pathways High School is an arm of Grandville Public Schools designed to meet the needs of 11th- and 12th-grade students who are credit deficient and in danger of not graduating from high school. Pathways High School provides a quality online educational option for those students desiring a smaller, more personalized approach to teaching and learning. It's an opportunity for students to pursue a successful educational experience in an environment suited to the needs of the student.

Pathways High School is a school of choice for students who desire an educational experience suited to the particular needs of the student and their family. Class enrollment is based on the philosophy that education can occur “anytime and anyplace." Our accessible staff is responsive to both students and parents and encourages student success. Pathways High School offers a high school diploma and opportunities to explore athletic pursuits, extracurricular clubs and activities at Grandville High School.

Students meet in the classroom space at the Grandville Education Center in Grandville. It's a place for them to grow and reach their fullest potential in a positive environment. Pathways High School uses Odysseyware to offer online credit recovery courses for our students. Transportation, free and reduced lunch, career planning and team building are all included in this specialized program. Grandville Public Schools is very excited to provide a quality option for our students to earn their high school diploma in a more non-traditional format.