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Reserve a Spot in Treehouse Child Care 

Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s care! Reservations for fall 2023 are underway. View our tuition rates.
Below are the instructions for reserving your spot. If you have questions, reach out to:
  • Julie Scott (616) 254-6828
  • Megan Stracke (616) 254-6198

Reserve a space for:

  • Before & After School Care for elementary students in YK-6th grade
GPS staff: If you are a Treehouse client, a list of benefits and expectations is available in your employee Google Drive. Use this link and sign in with your work email credentials to view the list.
1. Create a RecPro account. (You may build your RecPro account before open enrollment begins. Skip to Step 2 if you already have an account.) RecPro is the website Grandville Public Schools uses for Treehouse tuition payments as well as registration for Community Education classes, sport camps, swim lessons and more.
  • Go to
  • Click Sign In 
  • Click Create Account 
  • Fill in your name, address and contact information and create a password. Please provide an email you check regularly and a daytime phone number in case we need to reach someone during Treehouse hours.  
  • Click Family Members 
  • Enter your child’s information. You can also enter your other children’s information.
2. Select the Treehouse Registration tab. 
Once you've signed in to your RecPro account:
  • Click the REGISTER NOW tab near the top of the page
  • Under Treehouse Registration, select Fall
3. Select a class.
Important: If you need before and after school care, you MUST register for each section separately.
Below will be your choices:
Students attending Central, Cummings, East (PM), South (PM) and West Elementaries:
TH CE AM - Treehouse @ Central BEFORE SCHOOL (Students will be transported from Central to school of attendance)
TH CE PM - Treehouse @ Central AFTER SCHOOL (Students will be transported to Central from school of attendance) 

Students attending Century Park Learning Center:
TH CP AM - Treehouse @ Century Park BEFORE SCHOOL 
TH CP PM - Treehouse @ Century Park AFTER SCHOOL  

Students attending Grand View Elementary:
TH GV AM - Treehouse @ Grand View BEFORE SCHOOL 
TH CP PM - Treehouse @ Century Park AFTER SCHOOL (Students will be transported from Grand View)

Students attending South Elementary (**After school care will be offered at Central**)
TH SO AM - Treehouse @ South BEFORE SCHOOL 

If the class is full, you will be asked if you’d like to be on a waiting list. If you choose to be on the waiting list, you do not have to pay the reservation fee at this time. Should we have an opening, we will contact you and the fee will be required at that time to reserve your child’s spot.
4. Complete your reservation.
  • Click the Register button next to the section you want to register
  • Select Participant (your school-aged child[ren])
  • Add to Cart
  • Pay the non-refundable reservation fee (any amount over the $30 single-child or $50 family fee will go toward tuition)
Reservations will be time stamped once the fee is paid. A receipt will be sent to the email address on your account. Your child now has a spot reserved!